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28 May 2018 – NCEP connectivity issues

28 May 2018 – Since early this morning the National Centre for Environmental Prediction has been experiencing intermittent connectivity issues. This is causing delays with model data output. The situation is being investigated. We will continue to monitor and apply manual intervention when possible.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Best regards

Dave Paterson



Surface Charts and wind barbs

The static and animated wind charts wind barbs show speeds at intervals of 5 kts from 5 to 40Kts. The 40kt wind bard represents winds in excess of 40Kts.

Dropdown Menu with Safari Browser

An reported issue with the drop down menu appearing several inches below the navigation bar when using safari browser has been corrected.

Navigation Bar Drop Down menu

Browser – Safari

Problem – Drop down menu appears several inches below the bar and closes before the mouse reaches the foot of the menu.

Solution – There are issues with running java scripts within layers on safari. As a workaround the navbar has now been moved to a table. This has been implemented across the North Sea, SW Approaches, West of Ireland and NW Approaches.

Haltenbanken and Barents Sea areas still to be resolved.